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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Thing With Money

I got the greenlight to buy EA Sports Rugby 2005. This is HUGE. I get to BUY AN XBOX GAME WITH MY WIFE'S BLESSING. It's a reward for the good news yesterday.

So I'm at Best Buy today, and I have the game in hand, and I'm about to buy it...and then I pause. It's $40. Not a lot of money. Then the overthinking starts. The game will be on sale within weeks because rugby is a fringe sport and there probably isn't a big market for it. Then I start thinking of what else that $40 can go towards; I need new everything (shoes, shirts, shorts, underwear socks, contacts...). Then I start feeling guilty - we don't a home...we need a new car...we have a child to support. So I put the game back and head out. Whew! That was a close one! No Debtor's Prison for me! Lucas will be able to go to college! We won't have to sell Mick to the Vivisection Lab!


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