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Friday, March 11, 2005

Major heart attack on the drive home yesterday that I failed to mention. The Blackberry told me I had an email; I was at a red light so I took a glance. Email was from my boss. Subject line: Blogging. JesusharoldchristIamsototallyfired, I thought.

Nope. My boss had read an article about recruiters setting up recruiting blogs on their company websites; I had read the same article and discussing that with her was on my "to do" list. Her email was about that article, and if I thought that would be a good idea for my company. Sent her a reply today that yes, it's a branding concept that a number of companies are putting into play and that I'd be interested in doing it. (Listen to me. Branding concept. That's rich.)

I'm actually excited about the weekend. No rain. No plans. Only one thing on my mind.


I am waking my ass up and doing the Dawn Patrol. Visions of peeling lefts and morning glass and the dorsal fins of distant dolphins dance in my head.





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