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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Highs and Lows

The good part: getting to spend the day with Lucas. We had breakfast and watched rugby, then went to Sea World for the afternoon. It was a lovely spring day, sunny and warm, and we had a blast. No pictures, as I'll keep the day in my mind forever. This is a sad fact: I won't get too many days like this, just me and him, and today was one to be cherished.

The bad part: a while back, Lucas figured out how to open up the disc tray on the Xbox. He did so this evening, and decided to lean on the open tray with all of his weight, and in doing so busted it. I can buy a new one for what it'll cost to fix. So a milestone - the first expensive item to fall victim to our inquisitive kid. (Silver lining - not buying EA Sports Rugby 2005 WAS the wise move...)


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