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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


March 1 is a significant day. It's the day that, according to the chats I had with my predecessor (the guy who recruited me) and my boss, I was supposed to convert to a full-time regular employee, with all the benefits that go along with it. (The job as offered was a contract-to-hire position).

Well, guess what didn't happen.

The old saying, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me", certainly applies here. This is EXACTLY why I left General Atomics. This is EXACTLY why I'm now looking at Monster, CareerBuilder, et. al. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY CORPORATE AMERICA CAN KISS MY LILY WHITE ASS.

The thing is, if I left right now, my boss would be screwed. We have 80 open positions, for starters. It took me two months to get up to speed, learn the procedures and paperwork, get to know the hiring managers, all the stuff that goes along with this job. Furthermore, another one of our 4 person HR team is sick of her job and is planning on leaving any day now; she's an HR administrator, meaning that she handles ALL of one of the division's paperwork - benefits, Worker's Comp, offer letters, resignations, everything. She's been in her position for 6 years. That makes her tough to replace.

So I have a considerable amount of leverage. Question is, what do I with it? If I go in demanding that I be converted to full-time or I'm going to "start looking", all she has to do is give me the boot. If I don't say anything, or pussyfoot around, I'm stuck in limbo for God knows how long.

THIS is why I need to get off my ass, write my novel, get it published, and become hugely successful.


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