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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We're doing much better this week.

Certainly better than Rummy. John McCain has been eviscerating The Real Donald (when I think of Trump, I think of Brando's line in "The Godfather" - "Tataglia is a pimp." That's Trump - a pimp, with his cheesy gold penthouse and horrid combover. The Real Donald is Rumsfeld, the Master of War who is overseeing this generation's Charge of The Light Brigade. But I digress.) in the press, righteously tearing General Magoo a new asshole in light of his heinous comments to the soldier who asked him, in a nice way, why he's so insistant on sending our guys into battle in vehicles that have about as much armor as an AMC Pacer.

Of course, things are rarely as simple as we hope. Then again:

Yes, Rumsfeld is a senile old fool, but one also has to wonder why it took the Air Force months to step up - especially considering that in many circles that branch of the service is considered an anachronism. Naval and Marine Air have been able to project power much more efficiently (i.e., if France and Turkey say "sorry, can't fly through our airspace or use our bases", all that needs to be done is sail the carriers up into the Persian Gulf and presto! Shock and Awe!). The Air Force's prime mission - strategic nuclear deterrance through long range missiles and bombers - has been replaced by it's most useful aspect, heavy airlift. C-130 and C-17 cargo planes were built to fly cargo and personnel in and out of "hot" airstrips, and are well-suited to move gear and troops in the mess that isIraq. Hopefully this will result in fewer casualties. And hopefully Rumsfeld will be fired for not doing this sooner.

Speaking of getting fired - tough times if you're a Laker fan. Kobe is cementing his reputation as the biggest jackass in professional sports. Y'know, if you're having sex with/raping teenage white chicks, you're probably not the guy who should be accusing teammates - especially the ONLY one who even tried to be your friend - of hitting on wife. Karl Malone has his faults, but he brought some much needed class to the Laker soap opera. Good on him for wanting nothing to do with Buss and Kupchak's Kobe Show.

And finally, Scott Peterson is going to ride the lightning, metaphorically speaking. Or would, anyway, if he were convicted in any state other than California. We'll all grow old together, Scott and the rest of us, and I think that the Rochas know this, as does Scott. But he'll live with the fear that any day his last appeal could run out. (Is that as bad as living with the fear that your 300 pound cellmate is going to bugger you senseless? Discuss.) The real winner: Garragos. Lots of billable hours when your client is on Death Row.



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