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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Many moons have passed since last we spoke. Some noteworthy departures to mention:

Ken Jennings. Let's play Two Degrees of Separation. KenJen (as he is known to the fans) to Alex Trebek, Alex Trebek to Yours Truly. Yes, as the old song goes, I lost on "Jeopardy". Way back in 1999, I was a contestant on the World's Greatest Game Show. I have the dubious honor of losing to Robin Carroll, who became (at the time) the highest money winner in the show's history. She was the Ken Jennings of her day. I lost handily, but cannily - in second place going into Final Jeopardy, the gal who was in 3rd and I did not have enough money to bet to win against Robin. So the consolation prizes - and our honor - were up for grabs. The Second Place Prize was a week in Ireland, to be spent at (drum roll please) the Merv Griffin Resort (yes, there is a Merv Griffin Resort in Ireland, and judging by the photos of the guests that frequented the place, walkers and portable oxygen tanks were all the rage there). The Third Place Prize was a Complete Home Entertainment System, with a 24 disc CD changer, surround sound stereo, and a 36 inch TV. Now, as this prize was announced, my mind bifurcated (look it up - great word) and I thought back to the "home entertainment system" that Beth and I had at the time - a 14 inch dorm room sized TV. So honor be damned - I bet enough to guarantee that I'd lose, didn't answer the "clue", and am currently watching "Joey" on my Jeopardy Third Place Prize. So Ken Jennings, I salute you, for we are part of the same noble few, we band of brothers.

Tom Ridge is also leaving us. I can't think of anything bad to say about him. He seems like a decent fellow, and unlike our boy J-Ash, was only guilty of providing the goofy color-coded terrorist warning system that's still good for a few laughs. Bernard Kerik, his replacement, is a competant and interesting guy - his autobiography "The Lost Son" is worth reading.

Tom Brokaw hung it up as well, which makes me sad. He's been a reassuring presence through the mess of the past four years. I'm looking forward to Dan Rather's final broadcast. I predict he will lose it, and hop around the studio shrieking and throwing his feces like a rutting chimp.


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