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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What the hell happened to me? Where have I been? Relax, devoted readers - I'm alive and well, and Pet Cobra returns to a world beset with uncertainty. (Yes, anytime Condaleeza Rice gets a bump up in responsibility, uncertainty ensues.)

Took Friday off to interview for another job, which will probably pay a little better, and at the very least will get me away from the horrid people I work with now. Expecting an offer today. Good stuff. The down side: it looks like this new job will actually require some amount of effort on my part, thus I'll have to bump my blog entries into the evening. More than that I cannot say - the position is another recruiting job, with more HR-type responsibilities, for another defense contractor. In a perfect world, I'll give my two weeks, and since I'm going to a competitor my boss will pay me out and let me go. In an even more perfect world, the biatches that I work with would all line up and teabag me on my last day. ( if you're unfamiliar with the phrase "teabag")

A belated goodbye to Colin Powell. I was hoping beyond hope that he was going to quit sometime last year, but his sad devotion to duty overrode his conscience. That's a shame, because now he'll most likely be remembered for his 2003 performance at the U.N., where he alerted the world to the dangers we faced from Iraqi garbage trucks. It's a bitter irony that the guy whose parents had the foresight to name him after the Powell Doctrine (which called for the use of overwhelming force and an exit strategy in any military intervention) played a crucial role in the execution of a war based on the Not-So-Much-Powell Doctrine (which calls for a bunch of people who've never actually been in the military to plan and execute wars based on faulty information, and advises them to not worry about how things will turn out, because we're America, and we kick ass, by God!).

Now, there are some who think that Condi Rice is a natural choice to replace Powell. This is based on the fact that she and Bush are "close", and that she has universally agreed with Dubya on all of his major decisions. This is the same type of thinking that was used by the people who hired Mr. Furley to replace the Ropers. My mortal enemy Pat Buchanan agrees with me yet again. The End Times are Near:

Rice is an academic (at best) and a bureaucrat; diplomacy requires, well, diplomacy. She's been Bush's yes-gal, is extremely Condi-cending (that's a knee-slapper!) as evidenced by her testimony to the 9/11 Commision, and (lest we forget) has a very limited background in the Middle East (her academic background and work was focused on Russia, which, if I'm not mistaken, we are not currently at war with). And numerous articles have pointed out that in the weeks leading up to the election, she had repeatedly expressed a desire to leave the Bush team and return to university work. Sounds like a winner! Prediction: this time next year, we'll still be in Iraq, and our troops will be massing on the border of Iran. Well, maybe not "massing", since that would imply a large amount of troops, which we don't have.

Well, another interesting development on the personal front. Did a phone interview with ANOTHER company who'se interested in me (while working on the blog! Multi-tasking at it's finest! Further proof that a chimp could do my job!). So while I'm waiting for one offer, let's try to eke out another. Sweet!


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