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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Since I don't expect life to get any easier for lower-middle class folks like myself, I'm engaged in an intense job search. My goal: get the hell out of California, avoid the Bible Belt, try to live within driving distance of ocean or mountains. Any hot leads for recruiter jobs within the aforementioned would be greatly appreciated.

Fallujah might be an option, since it's becoming fairly obvious that the bulk of insurgents who were supposed to sitting there waiting to be killed by the Marines obviously thought better of that and bugged out.

Gee. What a shocker. We've only been hearing about the Fallujah attack for weeks. I said yesterday that all this talk of Fallujah being some kind of turning point was premature. Actually, it could be true. This may very well turn out to be the moment that we could have put a crimp in the insurgents' plans, but blew it by not adhering to one of the chief elements of military success - surprise.

Meanwhile, the stupidest people in America just had their number reduced by one:
I'm not sure why one would go with an imaginary devil worshipping cult over the husband who was having multiple affairs, lied to his favorite mistress about his dead wife, and tried to sneak across the border with survival gear, a ton of cash, and a brand new red 'do and goatee. Then again, I'd be disqualified from jury duty, because I'd probably answer "No" to the "Are you a fucking moron?" question.

I will take leave of you now, as this news prompts me to do a lengthy Happy Dance:


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