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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat is dead. Good riddance.

I'm not buying into the Nixonesque revisionism that actually started back in the Clinton days, when Arafat agreed to peace talks (and look how well those turned out!) and won the Nobel Peace Prize as a result. For most of his political life, Arafat was the unquestioned leader of the largest and most visible terrorist group of it's time - the PLO, which was the equivalent (and in many ways model for) al-Qaeda. Among other things, the PLO sanctioned the seizure and subsequent killing of Israeli athletes during the '72 Munich Olympics. The PLO was responsible for the Entebbe hostage crisis in 1976, which was thwarted by Israeli commandos.

Arafat made a big show of renouncing terrorism in 1988 (some 20 years after he assumed leadership of the PLO). Most analysts have pointed the finger at him as being a chief obstacle to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process; after all, he's the boss. He had a lot to atone for, and in the end fell far short of washing the blood off his hands. But don't take my word for it. Here's an old buddy of Yassir's, with his take on Evil Ringo Starr:

Like I said. Good riddance.

Gotta go - work to be done.


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