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Monday, October 18, 2004

So it begins.

Call me a cynic, but I think we know how this movie is going to end. Bush's brother appoints a Republican to run the state's election. One hopes that the Floridians lining up at the polls this morning have a healthy sense of outrage at how "democracy" works in their state. (In a perfect world, Jeb and Glenda Hood are subject to a very public electioneering investigation by the Justice Department, found guilty, and throw in prison. Napoleon, however, tells us that history is written by the victors - which is why that didn't happen back in 2000.)

In a twisted way, though, early election fraud - oops, I mean "hiccups", as the supervisor of elections in that article puts it - may be a boon to Kerry. Any hints of a repeat of the Florida 200 fiasco will resound through the states that do not have the bizarre "early vote". There may be just enough outraged people that will see this as the scam that it is to put the election firmly into Kerry's hands. Cue the Alanis Morrisette song.

Here are some interesting poll numbers:

Gallup/CNN/USAToday (10/16-18) Bush 49 Challenger 39
ABC News (10/12-15, 17) Bush 48 Challenger 43
CNN/Time (10/12-13) Bush 48 Challenger 43
NBC News/Wall Street Journal (10/13-10/15) Bush 48 Challenger 42
Newsweek (10/12-13) Bush 45 Challenger 43
ICR (10/11-15) Bush 42 Challenger 39
Tarrance Group/Lake Snell Perry (10/15-18) Bush 44 Challenger 40
CSM/IBD/TIPP (10/13-15) Bush 44 Challenger 42 Reuters/MSNBC/Zogby (10/16-18) Bush 44 Challenger 43

What's interesting about them - they're from October 2000; Gore was the challenger (numbers from So today, while you're reading the stories about how Bush leads in 3 polls and is tied in 1, think about these numbers, and consider Slate's Election Tracker, which today shows that Kerry, not Bush, wins the election.

For a list of nightmare election scenarios, read on:

We had to rush to get Lucas a flu vaccine after arguing with the doctor's office, who told us there was only enough for urgent cases. But never fear. From the same folks who brought us "There are WMD's in Iraq" and "The economy is improving" comes....
I can't help it - I keep thinking of "The Stand" by Stephen King....

Blue Oyster Cult will be the keynote speakers. Go Go Godzilla!


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