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Friday, October 29, 2004

It's Friday! Have we invaded Fallujah yet? Only a few more days left for Bush to use military action as a campaign tool! Smart money is on Monday. Fewer people watch the news on weekends, and Tuesday's news will be focused on the election. If it happens at all - Team Bush is getting a lot of flak for the missing explosives, and an attack on Fallujah would (justifiably) be seen as an attempt to divert attention from that.

More good news for the Cabal!

Let's hope for a Kerry win for this reason: the investigation into Halliburton will reach it's logical conclusion ONLY IF BUSH AND CHENEY ARE OUT OF POWER. I've quoted Napoleon before on this and I'll do it again: "History is written by the victors."

So Curt Schilling will not, pardon the pun, be going to bat for Dubya. He cancelled an appearance with the "president" (I kind of like phrasing it like that - sly and effective) today, citing ankle problems. Curt's a winner. Winners associate with winners. A good move on his part, even though he still professed to voting for Bush during an interview this week.

In order to win elections, you have to surround yourself with good people. Just ask Bush. And Kaddafi.

The team is playing at a 10's tourney sponsored by the North County Gurkhas (no, not the little sweet pickle - that's a gherkin. A Gurkha is the name given to the Nepalese soldiers allied with Britain through their colonial and World wars.) Rugby Club tomorrow. Truth be told, I'm still feeling out-of-sorts from Tuesday's practice, so I'm sitting this one out. Next game is in two weeks, another scrimmage, this time against Point Loma Nazarene College. Besides, if I had gone to last night's practice, I would've missed out on getting Lucas' Halloween (he's going as a bat, and Beth and I will be vampires) and autumn portraits taken at Sears. He had a lot of fun, as did we.

Finally - I learned a new word today! Blumpkin! Google it.


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