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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's been pouring down rain all day; looks like we're in for a wet winter. Too bad it didn't rain last night, as the storm might have brought a truly dismal rugby practice to an early end. Last night's torment lasted two and a half hours (about an hour longer than normal), and consisted of running, rucking drills, running, rucking drills, pushups, situps, rucking drills, and running. Guys were dropping like flies due to injury; one fellow rookie is out until at least next Tuesday with a calf injury, the forwards were collapsing left and right, and I took my share of abuse - banged my right knee (bruise), and thanks to some improper tackling technique on my part have had a stiff back all day. Not fun at all, and I'm questioning the motives of our coach - the regular season is still more than two months away, and a lot of guys (myself included) are going to be burned out by then.

Looks like the Arafat Death Watch is on. Can't say I'll miss him. Despite the revisionist effort to paint him as a leader in the struggle for human rights, he should be remembered for what he really is: a murderer and terrorist who came to the peace table only after it became clear to him that he was an asshair away from getting a Mossad bullet in his head. And his desire for power remained an impediment to any establishment of a democratic government for the Palestinians.

God help me, I like the Governator:
I think he's the next big story in the Republican party. Would I vote for him if he ran for President? Hmmmmmmm.....

And so it begins.
Like I said, this can only help Kerry in the other states. That this can happen again in Florida is unconscionable (boy, that sounds like a Bushism).

Finally, Wag The Dog II. The "coalition" is gearing up for a major assault on Fallujah - just in time for the election. How sickening that the President can use our troops as a campaign tool. So I'll let William F. Buckley take the reins, and present us with a history lesson:


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