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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I just ate a bag of trail mix; I think there must have been a half pound of the stuff. Soon I will be leaping around my office like a rabid lemur, thanks to all the M&M's.

Thank God we are down to the last 7 days of this miserable campaign. It will end in despair, or a Happy Dance, but one way or the other we won't have to listen to Darth Cheney and His Monkeyboy ranting about how the country will revert to savagery and barbarism if Kerry is elected. But sadly we still have several days' worth of excruciating spin to endure. Here are the October Surprises to watch:

  • Rehnquist's cancer. Regardless of what happens to him, it's put the Roe v. Wade issue right back in the spotlight. Advantage: Kerry.
  • Those missing 377 tons of explosives. Today a group of Iraqi insurgents released a videotape threatening an increase in the size and scope of attacks against U.S. - sorry, Poland, my bad, I mean COALITION - targets. Either the insurgents are preparing to use some of that missing stuff, or they've been following the news and are capitalizing on the situation. Advantage: Kerry.
  • The execution-style massacre of 40+ Iraqi security force trainees this past Saturday. Didn't make the headlines at first, but the Iraqi "government" is accusing the U.S. of negligence, failing to provide adequate security. This is the harsh reality of the rosy picture that the Sith Lords (must...stop...Star Wars....references....) are painting of the transition work.
  • Consumer confidence is down for the third month in a row, and is at it's lowest point since March. More on this from CNN:
  • More problems with absentee ballots and "early voting". This will galvanize Dem voters, and move more undecideds towards Kerry, as there still is a sentiment (a correct one to boot) that Republican electioneering gave Bush the win in 2000.

Still, I have to go with David Brooks' assessment in the New York Times today; pundits can yap all they want, but this election is wide open.

On the home front: Beth negotiated from a position of strength with her company, and will now be working three days a week, with a raise to boot. Our nanny was happy to go part-time, and so it's a win-win situation. Still, I'm actively looking for a good job out-of-state, in an acceptable location (i.e., any state that has a) an oceanic coast or b) a mountain range with accompaning ski resorts and/or c) a local rugby scene. So out-of-state readers, let me know if you need a good recruiter. I promise no blogging on company time.

Not sure what's going on with practice tonight, as we are expecting a massive rainstorm. No word that it's been cancelled. The North Country Gurkhas, another local club, is holding their annual 10's Tourney (10 guys a side, rather than the full 15) this Saturday; not sure if I'll play as I'd rather save it for the regular version, and there's talk of another social game against a visiting club from Arizona. I'm being a bit of a, well, puss - my shoulders were achier than expected, and I want to get some shoulder pads prior to my next match (yes, you can wear them - most guys at this level do - they're dense foam, not plastic like American football pads). In any case, I've written enough notes for a few chapters in my rugby book, and I'm looking forward to starting that soon.

Another plus - get to leave a half hour early today.


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