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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dudes - there is WAY too much good stuff on TV tonight. The debate. Red Sox-Yankees, Game 2. "Smallville". "Lost". The DVR will be put to the test.

First, the ALCS. Despite the game 1 loss, I'm sticking with the Red Sox.

Next, the debate. Here's the bottom line: Bush was out giving campaign speeches today. Kerry was prepping for the debate. One of these candidates knows that this evening may well determine the outcome of the election. One of them still clings to the belief that he can coast to victory on a wave of moronic attempts at catch phrases ("You can run, but you can't hide.") Bush would do well to check Slate's ongoing Election Scorecard, updated daily.

It's the best analysis going right now, simply because it calculates the sum total of all polls taken. And despite what Karl Rove would have you believe, Kerry has been gaining ground since Debate #1.

Forget the ALCS. This is the big leagues. And surprise, surprise - I pick Kerry to hand Bush's ass to him. Again.

Beth worked late, so I missed the first half hour of rugby practice last night. Did a bit of rucking practice. A ruck is one of the more complicated parts of the game. In rugby, when you have the ball and are tackled, you need to immediately release the ball when you are brought to ground. While you're lying on the ground, your teammates "bind" (grab on to each other) and form a human wall to block the opposing team from getting the ball. The tricky part: the other team does the same thing to keep your team from picking up the ball. So there you are, on the ground, while two groups of large guys (forwards do most of the rucking) are standing over you attempting to shove each other out of the way. It's a bit scary being surrounded by stomping feet (shod with rugby boots and their 3 centimeter aluminum cleats - rounded off for safety, of course). Oh - and if any part of your body is touching the ball while you're on on the ground in the middle of the ruck, the opposing team can clear that part off with the aforementioned cleats. Fun! I sat out the live tackle drill - I think I need a bit more time learning how to tackle rugby style before attempting it. (Although Rich, our player-coach from New Zealand, gave me this advice last night when I asked him about the best way to learn to tackle: "Just git out theeyah an' facking do it!" Read aloud for optimal effect.) Still, my ball skills are improving (probably should learn to kick at some point), I'm getting better at the running and passing drills, and I'm not limping today. All positives.

Back tomorrow with the post-debate review.


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