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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Well, I HAD written a fairly large entry, but when I hit the Publish Post button I got the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" and lost the whole thing. Too bad - it was a good one. I'm actually pretty pissed about it. Topics included why I'm starting to care less and less about what Bush did or did not do in the National Guard (one point being: what does it have to do with Iraq, the economy, etc.; other point being that if you or I could have weaseled our way out of Vietnam, we would have, so let's not get too high-and-mighty); Lucas waking up at 5:00 this morning to practice his baby talk (funny anecdote about my newfound ability to instantly snap out of a deep sleep when the kid makes a noise, much like Jack Aubrey leaping out of bed when he feels the currents shift under his H.M.S. Surprise and how it's a blessing and a curse, then pointing out that although I lost an hour of sleep I gained an hour of fun time with the kid, which more than makes up for it); Beth's observation that the footage of the Genesis probe crashing will be fodder for the conspiracy theorists who will claim that it's, in fact, a REAL flying saucer, made by aliens and not NASA; my easily defending theory that movies based on videogames all suck("Resident Evil", "Mortal Combat", and who can forget "Super Mario Bros."); and a link to the story of the puppy shooting the guy who tried to shoot him (Google it: "dog shoots man"). So you get the Cliff Notes version, thanks to either my POS computer or the folks at (which is free, so I shouldn't complain).


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