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Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday after a good weekend - went surfing yesterday and the ocean was bathtub warm, a comfortable 75 degrees. Rumor has it that we will be having an El Nino this winter, which is good; we need the rain, and the surf should be an improvement over the lake-like conditions we've had this summer. The surprise yesterday was my paddling ability - remarkably improved since I started lifting weights, and the 13 pounds I've dropped in the past three weeks (insert plug for South Beach Diet here) made for a better floating board.

Sept. 11 came and went, and without the reflection that marked the past two anniversaries. That's not a bad thing. We can (and should) only mourn for a while, and what thoughts we hold towards that day should be geared toward how we prevent it from happening again. Sadly, that's not happening. We haven't caught bin Laden or put a stop to al Qaeda. We're in the process of making Iraq into what Lebanon was in the 80's, a theme park for terrorists. And we've done nothing to revamp the colossal goatfuck that is the U.S. intelligence community...

...which is a nice segue into the "It Wasn't A Nuclear Explosion, Honest" story from North Korea.
Apparently the explosion was a few miles from a North Korean military facility which is being used to develop nuclear weapons and has its own underground test facility. But the good folks in Pyongyang let us know that they were simply blowing up a mountain to make room for something. Because, you know, it's easy to pack enough TNT TO BLOW UP AN ENTIRE MOUNTAIN. We'll probably never know the truth - it would be a bit embarrasing to the Bush administration to try to explain why Iraq has no WMD's, and the North Koreans can apparently light 'em off like fireworks to celebrate North Korea Day(the explosion occurred on Sept. 9, the day the world was blessed with the birth of that lovely nation).

Speaking of WMD's, the Democrats should be jumping on the assault weapons fiasco like dingos on Meryl Streep's baby. Interesting article on this:
Guns don't kill people - the NRA and voter apathy do.


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