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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I sometimes wonder if I have enought going on to warrant daily updates. My daily activities are for the most part pretty uninspiring - for instance, today I spent my lunch hour at the mall, checking on release dates for upcoming Xbox games. If I surf, it's on the weekends (although I'm paddling out with my old boss Friday morning - that should provide some fodder for the blog). Rugby hasn't started in earnest (another round of touch practice tomorrow night, then it looks like there won't be much of that until real training starts next month).

Thank God for Dick Cheney.

I'll go on record as saying that I consider Cheney to be a borderline sociopath. His comments, both off the record ("Go fuck yourself!") and on, reveal him to be a callous, malicious cretin (great word) whose ego gives him the self-justification to say and do whatever he pleases regardless of the consequences. Take this quote, from yesterday: "I think some have hoped that if they kept their heads down and stayed out of the line of fire, they wouldn't get hit. I think what happened in Russia now demonstrates pretty conclusively that everybody is a target. That Russia, of course, didn't support us in Iraq, they didn't get involved in sending troops there, they've gotten hit anyway."

So Cheney is effectively stating that Russia was attacked by Chechen terrorists because they didn't support the Iraq war. THAT IS INSANE. Not to mention a disgusting use of those dead Russian schoolkids, teachers and soldiers in yet another feeble attempt to justify the Iraq war.

Meanwhile, Democrats are happy that Nader will most likely not be on the ballot in Florida. That may be a good thing for Kerry, but given that we are (last time I checked) a democracy, the idea of not allowing someone to run for office seems a bit...undemocratic. And I'm no political consultant (almost was, back in my idealistic youth), but it seems to me that the Kerry folks probably should be focusing on why Kerry can't get ahead of Bush on his own merits, rather than clinging to the belief that Nader is going to cost him the election. It would be interesting indeed if a truly effective third party were to arise; it would certainly put the pressure on both the GOP and the Dems to put up or shut up.


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