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Friday, September 03, 2004

Getting an early start today - lots to discuss, and it's a three day weekend. The brain will be shutting down at about noon, and will reopen at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

I admit that I didn't tune into to Bush's acceptance speech. I started to read the transcript, but after a few paragraphs got the jist of things. We're turning the corner, etc. etc. Curiously, Bush lets us know that he "will" (Slate's William Saletan reports that he counted the word "will" some 76 times) do this, that, and the other. Not surprisingly, the phrase "have done" didn't pop up very often.

Before the Bush administration starts touting this as proof positive that we've turned the corner, I have a few things to say about the job market. I make my living as a recruiter, so I know a little about this. First, the numbers don't tell us what jobs were created - skilled or non-skilled positions, and they don't tell us if these were full-time, part-time, or contract/temp positions (there's typically a spike in those during summer months, as vacation and maternity leaves need to be covered, and as construction typically occurs during the summer when weather conditions in most parts of the country are more conducive). Second, wages are still not keeping up with inflation, meaning that a disproportionate number of Americans are still going to be underemployed. Third, we need to look at how these numbers stack up regionally; are areas with higher costs of living seeing the growth in the types of jobs needed for the populations to maintain their living standards (I'm in San Diego, one of the most expensive cities in the U.S., and I can tell you - it ain't happening here). And finally, hiring always always ALWAYS slows during the last quarter of the year. The administration has fallen well short of the mark in terms of sustained job growth. Dubya, meet Herbert Hoover. You guys have a lot to talk about.

Didn't Reagan also confuse his movies with real life? Details, details. I think the honeymoon with Arnold is going to end soon. While it can't be denied that he has charisma, he's increasingly showing himself to be a shallow, one-trick pony. It's actually unfair to compare him to Reagan; as far as I know, the only time Reagan ever used a movie line in a big speech was the "Go ahead, make my day" reference. With Arnold, it's "terminate" this and "terminate" that, and now we have "girly men" (which I don't find offensive as much as I find it really dated; and if it were me I'd steer clear of using any line that Dana Carvey built his B list career around. Anyone remember "The Master of Disguise"?).

Happy to report that the knee pain has been downgraded from "throbbing" to "dull ache". Hopefully I'll 100% byTuesday. Busy weekend - party at some friends tonight, beach day with friends tomorrow (maybe I'll surf), BBQ with other friends on Sunday. Monday will be all about the couch and the Xbox.


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