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Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday, with 1:40 to go before quittin' time. Today I got a new toy - a Palm Tungsten E. I've never had nor needed a PDA before, but I spend a lot of time roaming between offices, and I need something to store my calendar and keep my chaotic work life organized. Best of all, the boss paid for it.

My Fray entry was tapped as an Editor's Pick - that's two! One more and I'll quit my day job.

Although I have an abiding dislike for Dubya, I can see why people do like him; he's got a goofy charm, and if he's not the brightest star in the heavens, I'm still not sure that I'd consider him a calculating, power-mad cretin. Like Cheney. He knew EXACTLY what he was saying when he made the comment that a vote for Kerry is a vote for a massive terrorist attack, and his transparent attempts to "clarify" what he said are laughable. Especially as he continues to loudly proclaim that there was an al Qaeda-Iraq connection. Cheney knows that a good chunk of Bush's base are people who allow themselves to be frightened into voting Republican. The Man Behind The Curtain is a genius at manipulating post-9/11 fears.

Me, I'm not afraid of al Qaeda. What I AM afraid of is the fact that as of next week, Wal-Mart will be able to sell AK-47's. Polls have shown over and over that the majority of Americans support the ban on assault rifles, and that every major law enforcement organization in the U.S. has backed such a ban. To say that the law doesn't prevent such things as the Columbine massacre is beyond stupid; that's like arguing that stop lights don't prevent accidents at intersections, and therefore should be abolished. That ban will expire, and I can guarantee that the next mass murder of Americans will not be carried out by bin Laden - it'll be some whacked-out redneck with a chip on his shoulder.

That's all. Tomorrow is 9/11. Three years later, and look where we are.


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