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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

So I've landed a bit of an audience; I'm a constant reader and regular Fray contributer on MSN's Slate. There I go by the moniker RuggerJay (Surfjay was taken, believe it or not). I posted a response to an article by William Saletan on Kerry's spinning of the stem cell issue, and the editors chose to include it in the Fray highlights section. The article is very interesting, and here's my response:

So I've now undergone a metamorphosis - Surfjay is dead, long live RuggerJay. And my anonymity has been ended; I have unveiled my true name to the one or two of you readers who aren't personal friends of mine.

What really upset the guests was that it wasn't a kosher meal.

Bill Clinton appeared on The Daily Show Monday evening. While he did a good job debunking the Swift Boat Veterans For Getting Their Pockets Lined With Soft Money attack ad, overall the interview was surprisingly uninteresting. Jon Stewart seemed to be over-awed (is that a word?) by Bubba's presence and came across as very nervous and unprepared. What was interesting was Clinton's apparent chastising of the Kerry campaign for not returning fire when attacked by Bush on the economy, Iraq, etc. Counter BS with facts, argues Clinton, and you'll win every time - it's why he crushed Bush the Elder in 92. (Apart from the NASCAR/WWF crowd, is there anyone out there who, when comparing him to the genius we now have in the White House, can still truly claim to be a Clinton-hater? If so, I'd like to hear from you! Give me 500 words on the following topic: "Dubya is a better President than Bubba because..."; the winner will receive two tickets to the Monster Truck Rally and a gift certificate to Billy Bob's Giant Belt Buckle Emporium.)

So auditors have now put a figure to the Halliburton "billing error". $1.8 billion unaccounted for, out of $4.18 billion that Halliburton has billed. Do the math. That's 43%. Considering that the average American demands to speak to the manager when he/she is charged for a large Seasoned Curly Fries when, in fact, they ordered a medium, I'm a bit surprised that more people aren't upset about this. Then again, this story is being buried in the Business sections of most papers and websites (it did make the front page on, though). The optimist in me believes that this is because there are just too many Bush scandals going on, and there's only so much room on the page. The realist in me knows that Filipino cannibal weddings and the half-ton man who lost 300 pounds are what the average voter is really concerned about (both Top Stories on today; check it if you don't believe me). Again, why the Democrats are laying off this is a complete mystery - it's a potential dagger, as they say in hoops. (A dagger, you ask? Hypothetical example: Lakers are up by 12 against the Kings, with 2 minutes left in the game. Kobe - we'll avoid discussion of his whole deal for now - makes a three point shot. That's a dagger.)

Well, my day is just beginning. The weekend is rapidly approaching, and with it the big New Zealand - South Africa match; on Friday I'll offer up my predictions.


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