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Friday, August 20, 2004

Let's close out the week by taking another look at those gallant American patriots, the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth. It's a lengthy article and very much worth your time (registration on the NY Times website might be required, but it's free and worth it for the Times Op/Ed and Book Review sections).

The plot thickens, and before too long I think we're going to have some interesting revelations about Karl Rove (Oz the Great and Terrible), Bush and some funny financial ties to this group. Karma is going to thunder down like a B-52 strike on these people. Rove and his cadre of dirty tricksters are, as we know, a bunch of swine, but these Swift Boat guys take the cake. They are a bunch of opportunistic liars, an absolute disgrace to the Navy and their country. The wheels are in motion; Kerry has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

Tomorrow is the big match, Australia v. South Africa for the Tri-Nations title. Should be a good one; the teams are actually evenly matched. Springboks by 10 ; they are on a roll.


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