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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Let me see if I can understand the direction the candidates' "for/against the war" argument (I wouldn't call it a debate, because that would imply a degree of intelligence, something that both sides are lacking right now). The Bush campaign is trying to paint Kerry into a corner, and nail him for flip-flopping. Ok, fair enough, but is it going to bring any undecideds into the Bush camp? I doubt it, and Kerry is squandering the chance to take the debate and throw it back in the president's face. A tip of the hat to an old "Saturday Night Live skit - Kerry's response should be this: "The country was lied to. The question is moot." Why isn't Kerry doing this? For the life of me, I don't understand why the Democrats have not taken the gloves off and called bullshit on this attempt to steer people away from the heart of the matter - that at some level, there was a concerted effort to mislead the public over WMD's. Does anyone besides me remember Colin Powell standing before the UN, giving false info about mobile anthrax labs? Did anyone read the reports of "Curveball", the CIA's Iraqi asset-in-place who ADMITTED making up tales of weapons caches in order to galvanize the U.S.? I don't know what makes me angrier - the fact that the administration keeps grasping at straws to justify the war (first, WMD's, then "Saddam poses a threat to the region", then "Saddam had dealings with Al Qaeda") or the fact that collectively, we've given them a free ride and are not holding them accountable. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? That's the quote for our times - who watches the watchmen? The Kerry campaign needs to make the hard call here - giving the populist answer or having the true strength to ask and demand answers to the questions that should have been asked months (and hundreds of lives) ago. Come to think of it, we all need to make that call.

Potential blow to the Republicans: Colin Powell will not be attending the GOP convention, according to The one stand-up guy in the administration is distancing himself more and more from the Bush team, to his credit. I was hoping that Powell would have resigned by now, especially after being made to look like a fool in front of the U.N. (see previous). If you read his autobiography, you know that he is a man of principles, and this can't be good news as the GOP is struggling to keep the faith with party moderates. Plus that leaves the Republican Party with only 2 black people, Condi Rice and Alan Keyes. (Think I'm joking? Watch the convention coverage and pay attention to the shots of the crowd. It'll be whiter than a BYU pep rally.)

Big day for Dad Stuff today: "Kill Bill, Vol. II" and "Madden 2005" hit the stores. Regarding Xbox - after weeks of dropping hints, Beth hooked me up and got me one for Father's Day. I wouldn't call myself a "gamer". I have a grand total of three games; "MechAssault" came with the Xbox and I bought used copies of "Splinter Cell" and "Racing Evolution" at EB, the video and computer game store, where I go to find peace while Beth goes to Nordstrom and Express. I've yet to buy a non-pre-owned game; they run upwards of $55 and the prices usually drop by half a couple of months after their release. It's a funny thing, this upswing in video game popularity. The circle closes - a large chunk of Xbox and PS2 devotees are guys (and gals) my age; we remember the days of Pong and Asteroids, and long to recapture our misspent youth.

One more political jibe: U.S. News and World Report runs an article this week detailing the "surprising" success that the Pakistani government has had in nabbing al Qaeda operatives. This is as surprising as the Mexican police finding out who the cartel people are, or the Sicilian police identifying Mafiosi. It's really not hard to pinpoint the guys that have been bribing you to look the other way for years.

Preparation for my personal voyage into rugby continues. I've been going to the gym four days a week, and ordered a new pair of boots yesterday. The OARFU full team practices begin in mid-October, and my goal is to be as physically ready as possible. And thanks to my good friends at BALCO, I will be a sterile, muscle-bound freak, prone to fits of uncontrollable psychotic rage. Barry Bonds, you are an inspiration to me and a whole of other kids out there!


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