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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Drove the Xterra in to work today, a rare treat. The Xterra makes an ideal babyhauler, and does not have the emasculating effect of a minivan (although the new Nissan Quest is pretty cool - reminds me of the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle in the old Gerry Anderson "supermarionation" show Captain Scarlet. How's that for an obscure pop culture reference?). And of course the truck, still in its (final? I was hoping) resting place in the parking lot, started right up when I tried it. We renewed our AAA last night, so I have 4 tows if/when the damn thing goes ass-up on me again. Unfortunately, I'm too old to qualify for "Pimp My Ride", so it looks like the Ranger will be with us for a while longer, clinging to life, a pale shadow of its former self. Nancy Reagan, I know how it must have been for you these past few decades.

I now present what I deem to be, hands down, the greatest Bushism ever. I give you George W. Bush, quoted at a speech given earlier today:

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

For more on (more-on? I made a funny!) this:

I do give the President credit - there are times when he has emerged as a thoughtful and concise orator. Here, for example:

How about using this clip in a campaign ad? "George Bush - because what America needs now, more than ever, is a drunk who makes fun of others."

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. Apparently there is a tradition of theme gifts on anniversaries (i.e, silver, gold, etc), and we found out that there are two themes for the 4th - "linen", which makes sense in a way, as this is probably an Olde Custom dating back to when Druids walked the earth, and "appliances", which seems to have been concocted by the evil holiday syndicate controlled by the Illuminati (known to outsiders as "Hallmark"). Needless to say, Beth and I will not be giving each other matching monogrammed trash compactors. We will be heading to the Prado restaurant, in the heart of Balboa Park, for a nice dinner - tradition, since that's where we were married. A wonderful wife, an amazing baby boy - who could ask for more? (Can't go without one more political jab: there's lots of talk about "the sanctity of marriage", and how if we allow same sex marriages "the sanctity of marriage" will be undermined. I'm pretty sure that if gay and lesbian couples were allowed to be married, my marriage would survive. In fact, I'm quite positive that preventing other people from getting married really has nothing whatsoever to do with high divorce rates, infidelity, spousal abuse, etc. Of course, I could be wrong - Peterson and Hacking and O.J. could have killed their wives because they were distraught over the fact that gay and lesbian couples may be allowed to wed, thus violating the sanctity of their marriages.)


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Christine Morrison said...

Jason! This was hilarious. I loved the Nancy Reagan comment. Sadly, I remember when you got your truck. How did we get this old?


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